Miss Robyn

Meet Robyn Bongiorno!   I am a yogi, mom, dancer,  life long learner and seeker.  I love to incorporate creative expression into my yoga classes. I have been teaching Children’s Yoga since 2011 and have recently begun teaching adult classes as well! 

Email Robyn with questions and to sign up!

Tween Yoga

1 Super FUN Friday night a month


$30 per class

12/13- partner yoga, bring a friend!

Growing up can be challenging. Lets learn and practice how to add PEACE of mind to our daily routines and maybe with practice our transitions throughout the day may just run a little smoother.

This class includes:

-Basic Yoga Knowledge

-Yoga breathing techniques

-Yoga Pose and Flow support

-Mindfulness and Meditation Strategies

-Journaling and Self-Reflection

-Team Building and Confidence Mantras

-Successful Savasana (rest + relax) with Essential Oils

Bring a journal, pens, yoga mat and water and let’s discover some internal peace that we can then share with the world we live in ! These young ladies and gentlemen will be exposed to positivity, love and kindness all while becoming the yogis they are all meant to be .

Ages 10-14 ish